VSCO — Walk In The Sun

VSCO offers photographers digital tools and a platform for education and community. ”Walk In The Sun” is a three-part preset collection from VSCO,  developed for photos taken in strong sunlit conditions and low-angled light.


Warm tones and energetic reds


Jewel tones and punchy pastels


Cool tones and deep blues


I worked with VSCO’s image team to conceptualize and direct the development of the preset collection. In addition, I helped VSCO’s marketing team build a communication approach and art direction for the campaign, creating custom content to showcase each preset within the collection.

VSCO members were encouraged tag their images using the preset collection with the hashtag #walkinthesun.  VSCO then chose the best of images from each collection and invited three photographers to showcase their images at the Micro Gallery at VSCO headquarters in Oakland, CA.

Client: VSCO
Role: Creative Director 

Art Direction 
Design Direction 
Visual Design 
Content Strategy

Bree Holt - Photography
Londyn Douglas - Style
Fesa - Hair and Makeup
Lee Harrison - Production
Alex Dickinson - Copywriting
Eugene Seo - Motion Design

Los Angeles
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