Nike — Audio Guided Runs
Photo - Benjamin Lennox

The Nike Run Club App helps athletes get the most out of their runs with coaching, workouts, and music. Audio Guided Runs have become an important aspect of the app’s mission, aiming to motivate and educate runners at any experience level. 


I helped bring Audio Guided Runs to life with a team at Instrument. We worked closely with the Nike Global Digital Design and Nike Global Head Coach Chris Bennet to create a strategy and design around context-aware audio guidance. 

We were able to develop a key feature of the app that helped runners reach their goals with specialized guidance and motivation for a wide range of run types.

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Client: Nike
Agency: Instrument 
Role: Creative Director 

Design Direction 
Visual Design 
User Experience  
Content Strategy

Miasha Nakahara - Design 
Jack Wilson - Design 
Thomas Bruketta - Development 
Rocky Puntney - Production 
Anne Potter - Production

Feed photo - Benjamin Lennox

Los Angeles
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