Dwell — From Inspiration to Information
Photo - Jason Roehner

Dwell is a publishing and technology brand focused on modern architecture and design. At Instrument, we partnered with Dwell to create a new digital platform that allows readers to gather inspiration, share stories and find products for their homes.


I helped define the product strategy, user experience and design direction for the responsive web platform and mobile app. The result is a useful yet beautiful ecosystem where architects, designers and brands can all collaborate together.

Vist Dwell

Client: Dwell
Agency: Instrument
Role: Design Director 

Design Direction 
Visual Design 
User Experience  
Content Strategy

Tina Cordes - Strategy 
Ravi Mongia - Strategy 
Ryan Wesley Peterson - Design 
Jessie White - Design 
Jordan Egstad - Development
Andrea Kappa - Production 
Feed Photo - Ben Farrell

Los Angeles
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